The first TrichoCosmetics dedicated to the health and beauty of your hair

Because our mission is to take care of your hair

Tricho products act directly on the skin, taking care of specific anomalies or alterations such as hair loss, dandruff, seborrhea, dryness and irritation.

Cosmetics products act on the lengths with the aim of keeping the hair intact, elastic, full-bodied and restructuring, conditioning, disciplining, volumizing and filming it.

Hair loss treatment

Anti-dandruff treatment

Seborrhea treatment

Collagen treatment

Collagen treatment

Color energizing treatment

Protective treatment with keratin

Neutral with delicate action

Vitalizing treatment

Tangled hair cream

Personalized diagnostics

Discover the treatment tailored made for you!


Science was born in 1991 from an intuition of Romeo Casadio, founder of Vivipharma Research Laboratories, who had perceived a new trend that would soon be strongly affirmed in Pharmacy: skin and hair care.

Research, development and production at km 0

An in-house Research and Production Laboratory for uncompromising quality and guaranteed safety.

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