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Autumn arrives and punctually, as every year, we return to reckon with a hair fall more generous and annoying than usual.

How many of us are alarmed to see abundant strands of hair between the teeth of the brush, in the shower drain and caught in the clothes? Nothing to worry about because it is an absolutely physiological and temporary phenomenon, a natural cycle in which phases of growth and rest alternate. Let’s try to better understand why this happens.

A more generous loss of hair during the autumn period is the result of an increase in hair follicles in the Telogen Phase

the terminal phase of the hair life cycle during which the hair is still in the hair follicle but its vital activities have completely ceased. But why does this condition occur punctually as autumn arrives?

Some researchers have found that in the summer months, in many people, the hair tends to accelerate the Anagen Phase, so apparently seem to lengthen faster. All this would have as a direct consequence the fact that many hairs end their life cycle in a synchronous way and show a greater turnover in the following months.

Let’s not forget that this fall is also to be considered a “side effect” of frequent sunbathing that has weakened, defibrated and excessively dehydrated our hair during the summer season.

 In fact, the oxidizing action of UV rays (A+B) on the scalp determines the production of free radicals, harmful for the mitotic activity of the bulb matrix.

But stress also plays a fundamental role! It’s not so easy to recover after a well-deserved summer rest and, when it’s time to go back to the usual routine, it’s not so unusual to go through a period of psycho-physical tension that has repercussions on the whole body and thus also on the hair.

In the same way our body in the autumn period must adapt to the typical changes in temperature and hours of darkness / light and this does not happen so easily causing more or less physical discomfort.


Having ascertained that there is nothing abnormal about autumn hair loss,

with the right products it is possible to minimize this rather unpleasant phenomenon.

The advice of our Hair Specialist? Apply Science Fall Prevention Shampoo twice a week on dry skin and, after washing, distribute the Lotion line by line with light pressure. The combination of active ingredients in the Shampoo and Lotion act as adjuvants in the prevention of hair loss, strengthen cell membranes, activate microcirculation, promote cell renewal and ensure vitality and vigor to the hair. In short, a real intensive and ultra-nourishing treatment!




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Shampoo Coadiuvante Prevenzione Caduta con Adenosine