If we think of ivy, those marvelous walls completely covered with foliage of a thousand shades of green immediately come to mind. The name ivy derives from the Latin “Adhereo” a verb that means I adhere, it is no coincidence that it is a climbing plant that grows spontaneously in our country used as a natural remedy for various problems.

Thanks to the presence of saponins, ivy acts as a remedy to relieve coughs and to free the bronchi from excess phlegm. Ivy decoctions or infusions are often used against rheumatism, sciatica and arthritis. Ivy compresses are recommended for neuralgic pathologies and to fight candida, thanks to the antimicrobial function that allows you to NEUTRALIZE THIS MICETE.

The cosmetic field, ivy leaves, since they contain saponosides, caffeic and chlorogenic acid, estrogens and flavonoids, are frequently used in those treatments that aim to fight cellulite and water retention, as well as in those aimed at counteracting venous insufficiency, promoting the reduction of swollen ankles and varicose veins.

In trichology the ivy, given the astringent action of the tannins and the balancing sebum of the caffeic acid, is used to purify the skin and scalp by removing the solid and compact sebum deposits around the hair root. A trichological product based on ivy extracts is recommended for those who have oily skin and at the same time dry hair, that disorder known as “combination hair” that involves many hassles and a lot of doubts about which are the right products to use in order not to worsen the situation and restore the balance of the ecocapillary system. In these cases it is good to avoid frequent washing which could create the so-called “rebound effect”, that is the hyperstimulation of the sebaceous glands and the consequent increase in sebum production, and decrease the excessive use of hair dryers and plates that can further dry the hair. Let’s not resign ourselves because it is not so difficult to find a product that is good for both lengths and skin, just choose one that includes ivy extracts among its ingredients.



Treating shampoo for Oily Seborrhea