Paper Friendly

At Science we love nature and for this reason we support Digitization and a Paper Friendly approach.

Forests are essential and unique ecosystems on our planet: real carbon sinks that store the carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere and then release it in the form of oxygen. This natural process protects biodiversity and ensures the climatic balance of our ecosystem. For too many years now, intensive deforestation, mainly caused by human activities, are reducing the absorption capacity of CO2, accelerating the devastating phenomenon of global warming and causing the extinction of precious biodiversity.

We can all contribute in some way to slow down this environmental problem and WE HAVE CHOSEN TO DO IT.

The print runs of the advertising material of our products are limited to a minimum because we prefer to use digitized channels and invest in various forms of digital advertising.

We have chosen not to include the package insert in any product of the Science line. Our goal is to be more and more digital and interactive and for this reason we have included in the packaging a QR code inside which you can find all the useful information about the product, even available in several languages.

All our boxes are produced with FSC certified paper.
The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) trademark guarantees that the entire wood-paper supply chain certified to its standards is the results of environmentally friendly, socially useful and economically sustainable management.

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