Our tricocosmetics rituals

Hair loss preventive action ritual

Counteracts hair loss, fortifies and revitalizes weakened male and female hair.

Color energizing ritual

Suitable for dull, dyed, damaged and oxidized hair.

Vitalizing ritual

Suitable for those who want to restore softness, brightness and elasticity to their hair.

Sensitive scalp and dry hair ritual

Particularly suitable for sensitive and dry scalp, it nourishes and moisturizes the hair.

Greasy scalp ritual

Useful for eliminating sebum deposits, purifying and oxygenating the skin.

Heavy hair and sweating ritual

Anti-odor action useful to remove toxins and impurities from skin and hair.

Oily and greasy hair ritual

Useful to eliminate excess sebum and give the hair lightness, volume and well-being.

Keratin protective ritual

Extraordinary lifting effect treatment. Strengthens and elasticizes the hair fiber, protecting the keratin structure of the hair.

Greasy dandruff ritual

Promotes the elimination of dandruff from oily skin.

Dry dandruff ritual

Promotes the elimination of dandruff from dry skin.

Microbiome balancing body and hair ritual

Prevents and contrasts itching, seborrhea and dandruff, strengthening the skin's defenses.

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