Science was born in 1991 from an intuition of Romeo Casadio, founder of Vivipharma Research Laboratories, who had perceived a new trend that would soon be strongly affirmed in Pharmacy: skin and hair care.

The Vivipharma Laboratories Researchers, thanks to the experience gained in the formulation of professional hair products distributed in hairdressing salons and beauty centers, have enthusiastically accepted the request and started to design and implement a line of highly specific products for all hair needs.

We have been bringing innovation for over 30 years.

Since 1991 the line is constantly evolving, developing and expanding towards new horizons and intervention strategies. Over the years, thanks to the constant study and innovative research of our team of researchers, new highly specific and active products have been introduced for particular needs and requirements, both of the skin and of the hair. 


We are the forerunners of TrichoCosmetics: from the skin to the hair we produce innovative treatments of the highest quality. Our intuition was to create a wide range of products that would take care, not only of the beauty, but also of the well-being of the hair, in order to satisfy every need. The products of the SCIENCE line escape the whims of fashion, have no seasons, become part of any beauty routine and are suitable for all hair types, ages and needs. Our mission is to guarantee tailor-made, effective and reliable solutions by pursuing the deep connection that unites emotions and hair. 


Trico products act directly on the skin, taking care of specific anomalies or alterations such as hair loss, dandruff, seborrhea, dryness and irritation.


Cosmetics products act on the lengths with the aim of keeping the hair intact, elastic, full-bodied and restructuring, conditioning, disciplining, volumizing and filming it.

SCIENCE: the science of hair

Nothing has been chosen by chance. 

Essential to create such a complete and specific line is a precise knowledge of trichology, in all its parts. All these notions, together with the study and innovative research of precious active molecules for the creation of highly biotechnological formulas, are the heart of the SCIENCE line.

With SCIENCE you have SCIENCE at the service of HAIR.

Our philosophy

Natural and biotechnological, safe and effective. This is who we are.

Natural extracts and biotechnological active ingredients

In our formulations we use active ingredients of natural origin chosen from selected cultivation and extracted according to controlled and sustainable procedures. All raw materials are standardized in order to guarantee  a certain quantity of active ingredients and therefore a high functionality.

We strongly believe in Biotech and for this reason we use biotechnological active ingredients, safe and effective, in line with current market trends. Biotechnology is the process of natural transformation that allows to select and circumscribe, within a specific ingredient, the functional substances necessary for the realization of a product in order to enhance and optimize its properties.

SCIENCE’s philosophy lies in the synergy between natural extracts and biotechnological active ingredients: this exclusive combination allows us to create formulations suitable for even the most specific needs.


SCIENCE line products are highly dermocompatible and formulated with ingredients chosen to minimize allergy risks.

  • Hypoallergenic certified from university tests;
  • Nickel Tested, certified by recognized organizations;
  • Paraben Free.


The effectiveness of our treatments is guaranteed from the first applications thanks to the use of high quality raw materials and the presence, in all our formulations, of Magnetized Water, an exclusive patent of the Vivipharma Research Laboratories. 

The best interpreter of Science's mission is the Pharmacy.

We have chosen a single selected channel: it is in Pharmacies that the peculiarity of the Science line emerges, its scientific nature.

The professionalism within the Pharmacy, together with the training courses held by our Hair Specialists, guarantee specific and personalized advice for an effective solution, whether it is for the well-being of the skin, or for enhancing the beauty of the hair.

We select only the best Pharmacies in Italy.

Research, development and production at km 0

An in-house Research and Production Laboratory for uncompromising quality and guaranteed safety.

Since the birth of the Science line, all products have been conceived, formulated and created in our Vivipharma Research Laboratories following the highest quality and technological standards. 

Precious intuitions and studies of Researchers give birth to ideas and projects that are transformed into original formulations with new combinations of innovative raw materials.

The raw materials, wisely and carefully selected, are purchased exclusively from accredited suppliers, always updated on the latest developments in cosmetic regulations and able to offer guarantees that comply with the highest safety standards. Quality and safety are important to us, so before the realization of any product we systematically check the state of the raw materials in order to verify their integrity and perfection. 

A further check is carried out on the finished product before it is packaged: strict organoleptic and stability assessments are carried out, the bacterial load is checked and tested with specific diagnostic tools such as nickel test, patch test and challenge test. 

In our laboratories, production is carried out according to pre-established standards in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

We prefer cold processing (reducing CO2 emissions into the environment), we respect biological biodiversity, we choose natural and renewable raw materials, we embrace the cruelty free policy and we have removed all traces of microplastics from the formulation of our products.

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